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Folly Pictures

Folly Pictures

Cinematographer/ Photographer


As a married couple we know how exciting and emotional a wedding can be. Folly Pictures is here to help you solve at least a couple of your worries. We also work alongside a team of wonderful people who help us create perfection.

We love being a part of someone's magical day, and it is a privilege having the opportunity to capture and create a cinematic film and stunning portraits that tells YOUR story. We loveee candid and creative shots, we also love to use a lot of warm fuzzy colors.

Folly Pictures
Wedding photography and Cinematography
Folly Pictures

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A little more about us...

Melaney Folly

Mel is a loving and caring person that I had the privilege to meet 10 years ago and since then I have never took my eyes of her. She’s a beautiful mother to our two gorgeous kids.

And everyday she keeps surprising me with her strength and her drive to be there for others.

 At a young age Mel fell in love with the beautiful photographic landscape that Victor Harbor has to offer. Her love for photography quickly grew when we met in 2008. Quite honestly at the start of our relationship I was a bit stubborn, spending quite a bit of time in my studio producing Music or Film; so there was not much that she can do other than go out and take photographs, besides being in love with health and wellness of course!

Just after we moved in together she started a job as an image retoucher for one of the leading Adelaide photography studios. 5 years ago we asked ourselves as a couple; what a photographer and a cinematographer could do to create and enjoy working together! That's how Folly Pictures evolved. It was the best decision we've ever made as it’s almost indescribable the look in couples’ eyes when we present them with what we’ve created together from their special day. 

Max Folly

Max, he is a passionate music producer/cinematographer that I am so lucky to call my husband. Coming from a French speaking background and learning English as his third language is the hardest thing he has ever done! The amazing thing about Max is that he's so talented. He can basically just do ANYTHING hahaha, from music to film, to renovating, landscaping and cooking! Max is a very caring and loving husband, and an amazing Daddy. I couldn’t ever ask for a better man in my life. 

From Africa to Europe for studies, he had the opportunity to travel around the world and live in Paris before finally choosing Adelaide as a place to raise our beautiful family. Max has seen the world through so many different lenses and I believe this has given him the ability to tell wedding stories in a very unique way. He loves making music, creating films and chilling out with friends as well as spending time with us. 

His dedication to the world of cinematography has led him to continue to grow, being a Media Arts Teacher at a secondary school allows him to help others to follow their dreams.

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