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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What equipment do you use for shooting?

We use high end  professional equipment to cover our events. As professionals, we are driven by quality productions and high quality production is one of our values at Folly Pictures that we will never compromise. The photos are captured in RAW formats with the appropriate lense for each shot and style and the cinematography is recorded in 4K with an external sound device to record your ceremony in high quality. We also have a drone available for couples who want that extra touch.

Why do you shoot with at least two cameras?

For any cinematographer, having camera footage from different angles means better storytelling. During your wedding there are so many special moments that happen, that having just one camera can't capture it all. A typical example is that as the bride is walking down the aisle and there are so many different reactions you can capture; the groom, the family and the guests.

What is your style of photography?

The wedding theme, location and decor creates the vibe for the photos and cinema. We like to go with a natural and organic approach to create a realistic but yet creative look. We also encourage couples to share their ideas so

we can achieve your dream results.

How many photos will we receive after the wedding?

The number of photos delivered depends on the duration of your booking. A 10 hour coverage will generate around 1000 images. Only selected images are edited and provided in full high-resolution JPEG format ready for printing, the rest of the images are provided in low res jpegs.

What if your package price is over our budget? Can packages be customised?

Yes, our aim is to provide you with a high quality service that fits within your budget. So don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and limitations. Our consultation is free and we will reply to your emails and phone calls within 24 hours.

We are always creating packages to perfectly suit couples, and will be in contact with you throughout your entire experience. Our combo packages  (combined photo and cinema packages) are encouraged so that we can maximize your total discount.

How many locations can we go for photos & cinema on our wedding day?

There is no limit to the number of locations we are willing to cover on your wedding day. Most of the time it all depends on the distance between locations and the package you choose. We want to make sure that we spend our time taking the best shots for you so we always advise our clients if traveling to many locations is going to impact on the production. 

What if I’m too nervous in front of cameras?

This is the reason why many people compliment us after their wedding! As a married couple we've been there so we always make sure that the couple feels very comfortable every single moment of the day. We try to get to know you before the wedding day to make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable in front of our cameras. It's ok to be nervous, it all shows the reactions and love between the two of you.

Can you hold the date for us?

We do not hold dates unfortunately as we are in demand for lots of other projects. All you have to do is make a deposit to secure your day.

Can we choose our own music?

For your internet preview film we will select  the music due to copyright laws.

Do you shoot same sex wedding?

Yes, of course! 

How does the payment work?

We take 50% up front payment of the total wedding cost as the first payment to secure the date. The final payment is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding, it is up to you how and when you pay the rest of the payment, but it must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the wedding. If your wedding is less than 8 weeks away full payment will be required. 
We do not consider the date booked with us until the deposit is received.

Do you do refunds if the wedding is rescheduled or cancelled ?

If for any reason the couple decides to cancel before the wedding date, Folly Pictures will keep some amount of the deposit made to hold the wedding or event date as a cancellation fee. The amount retained depends on how long it took the cancellation to be made. If the cancellation is made within the first week of booking the deposit is returned. If the cancellation is made within a month of the booking 25% of the deposit is retained. If the cancellation is made within three months of booking 50% of deposit is retained. If the cancellation is made within six months the full deposit is retained. 

However, if the client requires to change the wedding date, Folly Pictures will do their best to accommodate and no cancellation fee will be charged as long as the new date is available and within six months of the original event date. Otherwise the new date will be subject to current rates if applicable. If Folly Pictures is not available for the new date, the original contract will be cancelled and subject to the cancellation agreement.

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